Our Goal

At LUMi Store, our mission is to illuminate your world with the magic of creativity and craftsmanship. We're dedicated to hand-crafting unique Anime-styled light boxes that capture the essence of your favourite characters. We believe in the power of passion and small business spirit to bring joy to your spaces. Join us on our journey as we continue to chase dreams, one LUMi Light at a time, and brighten your life with our heartfelt creations.

Illuminating Dreams, One LUMi Light at a Time

At LUMi Store, our story is one of passion, creativity, and the magic that happens when dreams are pursued with determined dedication. Our journey began in 2018, with a simple yet heartwarming gift that sparked a vision.

The Gift that Lit the Spark

Five years ago, in December 2018, my wife gifted me a handmade Lightbox. Little did we know that this thoughtful gift would plant the seed of an idea that would later blossom into LUMi Store.

Initially, our vision was centred around crafting custom light boxes for couples and families, a unique way to celebrate their love through art. As we honed our skills, something remarkable happened – we, like many of you, are anime enthusiasts, and we saw an opportunity to blend our passion with our expertise.

✨Design Process✨

Thankful for my wife's seven years of architectural experience, which included modelling and design, we embarked on the journey of designing and testing Anime-styled LED light boxes. It wasn't easy, but her architectural background carried us through the intricate design process. 

Our First Design!

LUMi didn't start with the perfect completed Anime Light box. After going through many rough designs and failed attempts, we finally got to where we are today. Every great idea has to start somewhere.

The Turning Point

Our very first videos on social media, specifically TikTok, gained unexpected traction, reaching hundreds of thousands of people, and later into the millions. The overwhelming response made us realize that we had something unique and special to offer. At that moment, a decision was needed to be made. I was in college at the time, studying to become a computer programmer. I had to decide whether to pursue this rare opportunity, or continue with my education. I made the bold decision to drop out of college to pursue this incredible opportunity.

We've already had a great turnout online with our small business. The turning point for us was when we joined the Run the World Holiday Market at Square One and seen the responses we got from people in person. The crowds of people that would gather around our booth with excitement really proved to us we had a unique and great product.

Our Expansion!

We started LUMi store in our living room with a small Cricut Maker machine. Small, but very capable of handing the hundreds of orders we were getting weekly. As LUMi Store began to grow so did our needs of cutting more Cardstock paper quicker. That was LUMi Store's first expansion, we moved out of our living room into an office with a garage, so we can house the industrial laser cutting machine we desperately needed to get orders out more efficiently.

The Power of Passion and Dedication

Dropping out of college was a leap of faith, but it turned out to be the best decision I've ever made. It provided me with the time, focus, and pressure to partner together with my wife and dedicate ourselves to the growth of LUMi Store. 

While my wife focused on designing and creating LUMi Light masterpieces, I worked tirelessly to handmake the products, continuously improve the quality and design of our boxes and to get the business up and running. It was hard work, but we had a shared dream and a burning passion to see it through.

LUMi at the Beginning & Our Gratitude

The birth of LUMi Store was the result of our earliest customers who put their trust in us; a small business that blew up too quickly before it had the chance to react.

The early customers who purchased our card stock paper light boxes. The original LUMi Family.

Today, we stand proudly as the original designers of Anime-inspired light boxes, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you – our customers, followers, and supporters.

Your unwavering support fuels our determination, and it's your heart felt responses when you receive a LUMi Light that make it all worthwhile.

Evolution of the Product

Since the birth of LUMi store we have improved the products greatly. From our original card stock box designs, to our current wood LUMi Lights. We have gone through many months of research, samples, and failed designs. All leading up to where we are today, the perfect LUMi Light.

Join Us on our Small Business Journey

LUMi Store is not just a business; it's a labor of love, and a testament to the power of passion and hard work. We invite you to explore our unique collection of LUMi Lights, each one created with love, dedication, and a touch of magic.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here's to chasing dreams, one LUMi Light at a time. Tag along with us as we expand our Anime LUMi light collections.

With heartfelt thanks,

Bilal & Elif

Co-founders, LUMi Store