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Pikachu Airtag Keychain Holder

Pikachu Airtag Keychain Holder

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Looking to add some Pokémon charm to your everyday carry? Check out our Pikachu Airtag Keychain Holder!

Featuring the adorable Electric-type Pokémon, Pikachu, this keychain holder not only adds a touch of Pokémon-inspired style to your accessories but also keeps your Airtag secure and easy to locate. Order now and show off your love for Pokémon with this cute and practical accessory!

100% compatible with Apple AirTag (not included). Your customized airtag will fit snugly to the colorful soft airtag cover. The airtag holder is made of shockproof silicone material (soft like marshmallow), which could provide a stronger buffer when accidental bumps or drops happens. It’s fairly easy to get the airtag inside, but no concerns over it falling out. 

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